A few personal facets:

The following series of photos was developed from the idea to show some personal facets as part of the professional presentation, a private picture book so to speak. However, it should not be a collection of random snapshots of varying degrees of perfection but high-quality and expressive pictures. The black suit seems partly out of place; however, it is intended as a visual link between the very different leisure activities.


Music and its learning was very much supported at home. My siblings and I learned piano and other instruments. After my change of voice I also started singing in a choir. My pianistic talent was limited, but I learned early on to play by ear and to provide melodies with the appropriate harmonies. I acquired the versatility that I could use in the church youth group, in a salon orchestra, in a big band and later for a long time in a chanson trio. Today Brahms, Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Schubert and Debussy are among my favourite composers. For over twenty years I have been the happy owner of an original grand piano (built in 1907) and I hope that it will continue to accompany me for a long time to come. This instrument also plays an important role in the salon concerts which we have been organising for some time with various artists in our house.

The carpenter’s shop

Growing up in a city with a lot of furniture industry, I had early contact with wood, machines and people who work with wood. I made my first own attempts with the restoration of bentwood chairs. A long phase of learning-by-doing followed. Years later, in my own flat and then in my own house, there were many possibilities to build shelves, cupboards, tables and beds, to fulfil the children’s wishes and to build inexpensive custom-made furniture. I very much like the thought process starting with the design and functionality of a piece of furniture and the question of whether and how I can build it with my limited resources of space, tools, skills and time. Where possible I recycle used wood. Besides my own ideas I find inspiration in museums, catalogues and also on the internet. My workshop is the refuge where I can build my own tools undisturbed, try out techniques and implement ideas.

The recumbent bicycle

In East Westphalia cycling is one of the first things you learn as a kid. Not on a recumbent bicycle, of course. As a schoolboy I covered almost all distances by bicycle in all weathers, and with much worse material than today. As a pupil and student I went on tours lasting several weeks and learned to appreciate the direct contact with the path, weather and people. I came to the recumbent bike a few years ago, because I became aware of the models of a local manufacturer. I had the idea to redefine cycling for me. I wanted to get around more comfortably and faster than with a traditional bicycle. The recumbent bike is not suitable for every route and traffic situation but I achieved what I wanted: I can cycle long distances without stress, relaxed and fast.


This very technical sport fascinates me by its complexity: what counts is technique, rhythm, power, discipline and respect for the weather and the pitfalls of the water. It is a sport that can be practised until old age. The club life is characterised by camaraderie and sporting spirit. Integration and a focus on popular sports are part of the character of my club. Rowing is done all year round and in winter it is almost more beautiful than in summer.